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Atlantis was founded on "a mountain not very high on any side..." ~Plato


<Atlantis, Mithridat Hill, Kerch, Ukraine>

Site of the long-lost City of Atlantis
Mithridat Hill, Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine.

Site of Atlantis City, as it is today!


An obelisk erected to honor the heroes of WWII stands in the exact center of the site of the long-lost city of Atlantis. This prominent monolith stands atop Mount Mithridat, which is located in the center of Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine. The tall thin white military monument, pointing to the sky, is a fitting marker for the citadel of the mighty Empire of Atlantis.

The Atlantis Motherland book describes astonishing and overwhelming evidence that Atlantis actually existed, and that the capital city of Atlantis was centered atop Mithridat hill in Kerch, Ukraine. From this historic hilltop, the kings of Atlantis launched their armada of 1200 ships, and sent their million man army, on wide-ranging campaigns to subjugate all of Europe and Asia, simultaneously.

The revolutionary evidence that Atlantis was located in Eastern Europe was published in the ATLANTIS MOTHERLAND book, in 2003. The book reveals that Atlantis disappeared beneath the Sea of Azov in a sudden tragic catastrophe, just as recorded in Plato's Atlantis dialogues.

Surprisingly, the Atlantis Motherland book also explains that the Island of Atlantis was a man-made island, excavated from a flat fertile river delta, in Ukraine and southern Russia. The Great Atlantis Flood and massive earthquakes destroyed Atlantis in 9,600 BC. The entire plain sank and was inundated by the sea, and the magnificent civilization of Atlantis suddenly disappeared beneath the churning waves.


Is the history of Atlantis is true? Yes!





c. 638 BC–558 BC

The history of Atlantis is true and Kerch is the actual location of Atlantis City. To prove this, you need know the historical records. The history of Atlantis is recorded in two books, titled Critias and Timaeus, which are part of a large collection of writings called The Dialogues by Plato.

The history of Atlantis was translated by Solon from ancient Egyptian records, in about 600 BC. Later in about 360 BC, a Greek named Critias recited Solon's epic history, and it was recorded in The Dialogues.

We call the recitations regarding Atlantis, the Atlantis Transcripts. These fascinating transcripts also contain the history of Hellas, Attica, ancient Egypt, and other islands and various provinces. They also present important information on the pre-history of all of Europe and Asia. They also contain unbelievably accurate details of the massive geologic changes that created the Sea of Azov and the Aegean Sea.


Photo by Clipper

Read the original transcripts of the history of Atlantis.

"Then listen, Socrates, to a tale which, though strange, is certainly true, ..." read full quote.

We have placed the Atlantis Transcripts online, with a clickable table of contents, for easy reference. The Dialogues regarding Atlantis were translated by Benjamin Jowett, in 1871. We did not alter any of Jowett's original translation. We have added breaks in the text, and inserted headings, so it's easier to find information on a specific subject, such as Athenian houses, or Atlantian horses, etc. Critias and Timaeus are also readily available on many other sites on the internet, and there have been numerous other translations, most notably the translation by R. G. Bury.


The name "Atlantis" was invented by Solon.

"... the first king, he named Atlas, and after him the whole island and the ocean were called Atlantic. " >> read full quote

The original name of Atlantis is not known. When Solon translated the history of Atlantis he changed all the ancient names to Greek names so they would be familiar to the Greek people. Solon gave the first-born son of Atlantis, the Greek name, Atlas. Then he named the city of Atlantis in honor of the new king.

Solon also invented the name of the great sea, which he called Atlantic. Later the name Atlantic was applied to the Atlantic Ocean, as we know it today. The sea called Atlantic in the Atlantis history is actually the Black Sea.

As you read the transcripts of Atlantis you will discover that the names of countries involved in a great war against Atlantis were located around the Medeterranean Sea, instead of the Black Sea. This is due to a deliberate conspiracy to keep the location of Atlantis a secret, while preserving the history of the ancient nations. Solon included a secret code that could be used to deciphered the actual location of Atlantis.


Atlantis grew to become a beautiful city.

"... they had fountains, one of cold and another of hot water, in gracious plenty flowing; ... and there were many temples built and ... also gardens and places of exercise, ...and ... a race-course allowed to extend all round the island, for horses to race in." >> read full quote.

Atlantis Temples

During the passing millennia, the City of Atlantis grew into a busy metropolis, where animals, citizens, merchants and travelers created a "din and clatter of all sorts night and day." >> Each generation added to the splendor of the temples, palaces, fountains, and gardens of Atlantis. The city grew and prospered for many long generations.


Atlantis was an Ice Age Civilization

Descriptions of climate and weather changes in the Atlantis transcripts indicate that they are actual scientific, eye-witness reports from the ice age. The Great Atlantis Flood destroyed Atlantis in 9,600 BC, which is the exact date of the massive flooding which occurred at the end of the Younger Dryas ice age. This date means that Atlantis was an ice age civilization.

The northern blasts of the ice age made great portions of the northern hemisphere uninhabitable. However, Atlantis was a veritable paradise on Earth because the Azovian Plain was "sheltered from the north >>" winds of the ice age. The entire Russian plain that is north of Atlantis remained ice free, causing the Atlantis to be an ice age haven.

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View 360° panorama of Mithridat Hill from (Ukrainian site).

Project Gutenberg; Critias and Timaeus; by Plato; translation by Benjamin Jowett.

Plato´s Atlantis was in a River Delta by Ulf Richter, Schwabenheim. Germany. Presented by our friends at Black Sea- Atlantis, Prof.mSiegfried G. Schoppe and Christian M. Schoppe, MBA, Hamburg/Frankfurt, Germany. They present a bronze-age Atlantis, which I believe shows the migrations of the descendants of the Atlanteans who survived the inundation of Atlantis, in 9,600 bc.

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Unveiling the Mother Goddess from her 4000-year Black Earth Cover from East European Development Institute.

Natural resources of Ukraine, from Ukraine Development Gateway Project.

Krasnodar Territory, from Kommersant, Russia's daily online.

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Photo taken from Mithridat Hill: GNU Free Documentation License, by Clipper, from Wikipedia,

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Picnicing amid ancient ruins on Mithridat Hill, from (Russian)

"Museum under the open sky." Excavations (album) on Mithridat Hill, from (Russian).

Mithridat Hill viewed from the sea, from (Russian)

Aerial photo of Kerch City, (and surrounding farming lots) Ukraine, by Brian J. McMorrow (Sept. 2004).

Shoal of Mud, Kerch Strait, Kercheriskiy Proliv waterway, Crimea, Ukraine, by Brian J. McMorrow (Apr. 2006).

Fertile farming lots, Taman' (Krasnodar) Russia, by Brian J. McMorrow (Apr. 2006).

Russian Kerch (1830 - 1900) from (Russian)

Tombeau de Déméter (Shrine of Dimitra) on Mithridat Hill from UNIL. (French)



Atlantis Motherland presents a theory of Atlantis, based on scientific evidence, and historical records. The Atlantis Motherland book presents evidence that Atlantis was a reality and that the history of Atlantis is true.

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